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Posted on: March 3, 2020

Profile for City of Oak Hill City Manager Position


 Located on the south side of metropolitan Nashville in Davidson County, only 10 minutes from downtown Nashville, the City of Oak Hill is a beautiful single-family residential community with an abundance of trees. At the heart of Oak Hill is Tennessee’s largest state natural area, Radnor Lake. The new city manager will inherit a stable, well-managed, and financially sound institution that is moving forward on multiple fronts. Oak Hill offers the right management professional a unique, rewarding career opportunity in an amazingly beautiful place to live.


 Incorporated in 1952, Oak Hill has roughly 4,700 residents and 1800 homes. The City is exclusively zoned for single-family residences and low-density housing on large, tree-filled lots.


 Oak Hill encompasses 8 square miles and is located in south central Davidson County. The City provides the following services: garbage/recycling, chipper/lawn debris removal, street maintenance. Oak Hill also oversees land-use, zoning, and permitting.

Adjacent to Forest Hills, Belle Meade, and Berry Hill, Oak Hill is one of 5 satellite cities to metro Nashville, in Davidson County. Land use, infrastructure and road maintenance, and zoning are the primary duties of the municipal government. The City Charter stipulates manager/commission form of government, meaning that the operations and management fall under the purview of the city manager, with guidance from the elected board of commissioners.

Oak Hill is governed by a Board of Commissioners comprised of a Mayor (Heidi Campbell), Vice-Mayor (Dale Grimes), and Commissioner (Stacy Widelitz). The Board exercises policymaking and legislative authority and is responsible for legislation, adopting the budget, and hiring the City Manager. Elections take place in staggered four year terms. The Mayor is seated by a vote of the board subsequent to every election and serves a two-year term. The City Manager and staff are responsible for day-to-day operations.


 Working under the guidance and direction of the Mayor and two commission members, the City Manager serves as Chief Administrative Officer of the City of Oak Hill, and is responsible for leading, planning, directing, and coordinating all departments. The City Manager attends and participates in all regular and special meetings of the Board of Commissioners and supports council goals by engaging departments and/or staff to advance the goals.

Responsibilities include:

  • Attend and participate in all regular and special meetings of the Board of Commissioners.

  • Work with staff to establish annual priorities.

  • Periodically review and examine operating procedures to achieve greater economy and efficiency in departmental management.

  • Be responsive to citizen inquiries, complaints, and Board requests in a timely manner.

  • Represent the City with local, state and federal agencies; serve on boards and committees; enlist the resources of other agencies to benefit the City; and develop good working relationships with other local government agencies.

  • Nurture and maintain good public relations throughout the community.

  • Promote a culture of customer service with city policies and employees.

  • Serve as the City’s Budget officer

  • Serve as the City’s Certified Municipal Finance Officer.


 A number of challenges and opportunities, identified through interviews with the board of commissioners will be of primary importance to the new city manager.

  1. Budget and Finance – Developing a sound financial plan will be an important concern of the manager, requiring balancing the cost of providing municipal services with a limited revenue base. The Tennessee General Assembly is phasing out a major source of city revenue – the Hall Income Tax - by 2021. The loss of this tax is significant as it represents approximately one-third of the city’s current revenue. While the loss creates future challenges, there are a number of approaches and mitigating opportunities that are being explored to lessen its impact. The manager will be responsible for assisting the board on approaches to offset the loss of the Hall tax, and implementing policy decisions made by the board in response thereto.

  2. Responsive Government – Customer care and responsiveness in daily interactions with residents is of utmost importance to the board. Accordingly, maintaining and cultivating a culture of customer service and organizational responsiveness to citizen concerns and service requests will serve the city and manager well going forward

  3. Residential Development – The city is a residential community, with no property zoned for commercial use. While much of the city is developed, there remains a number of large tracts of land for residential development. The city’s zoning ordinance and other development regulations are deemed to be contemporary and appropriate to achieve desired land use goals of the board, and the manager will be required to ensure that the city’s vision is carried forward successfully under its design standards and regulations, and to identify enhancements as may be required in the future.

  4. Intergovernmental Relations – Oak Hill is one of five independent satellite cities located within Metropolitan Nashville. Accordingly, certain services are provided by the city and others by Metro, requiring a close and cooperative relationship.

  5. Zoning – The board of commissioners reviewed the zoning code last year with the city reaffirming its commitment to maintaining strict residential land use by clarifying existing language that prohibited short-term rentals (Airbnb). A bill to preclude local regulation of the short-term rental housing industry is pending before the Tennessee General Assembly and will likely affect the city’s ability to regulate short-term rentals in the future.

  6. Contract Administration – Much of the services provided by the city are contracted, requiring contract administration and administrative oversight of the work, including review in the field.

  7. Streets – The maintenance of local roadways is important and will require continued capital improvement planning to match project needs with available resources. New and innovative approaches to fund needed roadway and associated drainage improvements, alone or in coordination with Metro Nashville, cost sharing with the state, and the use of alternative construction and maintenance strategies should be explored.

  8. Water quality – The city has the distinction of being part of the headwaters of five different streams that flow through the greater Nashville area. All the waterways are part of the Cumberland River watershed. According to the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, the streams are impaired and listed as unhealthy for the environment and recreation.


The following education, experience, management, and leadership criteria have been identified by the City of Oak Hill as important skills and abilities for candidate to possess and demonstrate.

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in public administration, business administration or a field closely related to municipal management. A Master’s degree in a related field is preferred.

  • A minimum of ten (10) years of progressively increasing professional experience including supervisory experience in city management, budget and finance, or planning and zoning.

  • Budget management skills, with the ability to develop sustainable, long-term financial plans

  • A strong working knowledge of planning, zoning and land use principles.

  • A strong record of effective customer relations.

  • A record of successfully dealing with elected and appointed officials and boards.

  • Familiarity with, and an understanding of contract administration; with a basic understanding of municipal service, customs and norms.

  • Experience dealing with public, capable of articulating city policy to residents; appreciating the need for regular and prompt communication of information to residents.

  • Experience in council-manager form of government; understanding the respective roles and duties of the board of commissioners and manager as established in statute, charter and ordinance.

  • Experience in intergovernmental cooperation and working successfully with other governmental parties.

  • Technology proficiency including the use of personal computers, financial software and other office technology.


  • .Candidates must be capable of successfully executing board policy in an efficient and effective manner.

  • Candidates must be responsive to the board of commissioners, providing feedback and communicating freely on projects and issues as they evolve.

  • Candidates must be experienced in successfully interacting with the public

  • Candidates must be honest and have a solid reputation for personal, professional and organizational integrity, leading by example and conducting all interactions fairly, honestly and ethically.

  • Candidates must be self-motivated; be prepared to “roll up their sleeves” and get the work done with a reasoned and considered approach to the tasks-at-hand.

  • Candidates must understand the big picture while paying attention to detail.

  • Candidates must have the maturity, self-confidence, and strength of professional conviction to provide administrative insight and counsel to the board, able to diplomatically present professional recommendations, and carry out policy decisions in a timely, professional, and impartial manner.

  • Candidates must possess strong interpersonal skills.

  • Candidates must strive to keep the board of commissioners informed on key community issues and possess the skills to keep the board moving toward a collective decision while respecting the individuality of members within the group decision-making process.

  • Candidates must be effective communicators in verbal and written from; someone who is comfortable listening and talking to an individual or in a group setting; demonstrating an openness and welcoming environment.

  • Candidates must have strong analytical skills with the ability to develop well-reasoned recommendations based on a thorough analysis of the relevant data; and be able to present recommendations in a logical, understandable manner

  • Candidates must be willing to listen to new ideas and be innovative and creative when addressing issues.

  • Candidates must embrace the vision and policy direction of the board of commissioners.

  • Candidates must be willing to commit to a reasonable term of service with the city.


 Salary $95,000 - $110,000 DOQ

  • Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance

  • Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS) Pension

  • 401K with 7% City contribution

  • Vehicle & Cell Phone Allowance

  • 10 Days of Vacation

  • 5 Days of Sick Leave

  • 14 Paid Holidays

The mission of the City of Oak Hill is to preserve its natural resources and residential environment; to offer an enhanced level of services to its citizens; and to provide a strong sense of community pride with historical awareness all within close proximity to a world-class metropolitan area.

The City of Oak Hill is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Profile for City of Oak Hill City Manager Position
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