Smart 911


At an Oak Hill Safety Seminar led by Captain Tommy Campsey at City Hall, Sergeant Twana Chick of the Metropolitan Nashville Police, who coordinates with the Neighborhood Watch Program, said police and emergency services recommend the Smart911 program to all residents.

Smart911 is a smartphone application linked with the emergency telephone number used in the United States, 911. It allows people to enter the information they want 911 operators to have in case of emergency. This information will not be accessed at any time unless 911 is dialed by the resident.

It's a free and voluntary enrollment. All you need to do is visit the Smart911 website and enter any phone numbers you wish to be registered, as well as other information that may be helpful to responders in a critical situation. Information can be added about family, children, pets, medical information, photos of the house, and basic information about the layout of the residence. This information can be very valuable to those responding during an emergency, and is excellent for those who have chronic diseases or a disability.