Application Process

An applicant for the Planning Commission files an application approximately 30 days prior to the meeting. If all documents are present, plat, checklists, engineering reports, etc., the information is distributed the following day to the engineer, City attorney, and appropriate City staff. At this point the item is tentatively placed on the agenda.

A week after the filing deadline these individuals come together in a staff meeting to discuss each application. The following day the engineer prepares a report with his comments, along with those of staff, regarding the submission. This report may request additions, deletions, or more detailed information regarding the submission. Once signed off on by the appropriate City staff member, the engineer sends this report to the applicant.

The applicant has approximately 1 week to make the changes and return to the City. The engineer and staff once again review the submission to be sure that the appropriate changes have been made. This is done over the course of the next week. If the appropriate corrections have been made, the applicant remains on the agenda. If no response is made or there has been no reasonable effort made to address the prior comments, the applicant is removed from the agenda.

The following day packets are delivered to the board members. Final agendas will be posted 5-7 days prior to the meeting date.