Nashville Electric Service Tree Trimming Policies

The Nashville Electric Service (NES) is committed to providing uninterrupted electric power, and its tree-trimming program is an integral part of that process. Since an accelerated tree-trimming program began in 2002, outages have dropped 19 percent, an impressive number, considering that prior to the program, Nashville had the highest number of tree-related outages in the country.

Under the direction of NES certified arborists, NES contractors will follow pruning guidelines approved by the International Society of Arboriculture and the Metro Tree Ordinance. Its goal is to keep trees alive and healthy, while assuring that they do not interfere with electric lines.

Prior to any pruning, work planners will come to your neighborhood to meet with you personally to discuss the work. If they cannot reach you in person, they will leave a door hanger that explains the work that will be done and includes a phone number for you to call.


For your convenience, NES has dedicated a specific telephone number to answer any tree-related concerns. If you have questions about the NES tree program, please call 615-695-7400 or visit the NES website, which has an interactive map showing areas currently getting tree trimmed.

The City of Oak Hill has no control over the tree-trimming policies or decisions of NES.