1. Animals

    See information for animal problems, loose pets and clearing dead animals from roadways.

  2. Chipper & Leaf / Limb Services

    View guidelines for yard waste and waste collection zones.

  3. Emergency Services

    Information about the emergency services provided by Metro Nashville.

  4. Engineering

    View the contact information for the City Engineer.

  5. Garbage Pickup

    See information about garbage pickup including the pickup schedule.

  6. General Street Maintenance

    Read how to initiate street and signage repairs, as well as drainage maintenance.

  7. Nashville Electric Service Tree Trimming Policies

    Discover information about the tree trimming policies established by the Nashville Electric Service.

  8. Public Safety

    See information about the Public Safety Office of Oak Hill, including Smart 911, CodeRed and Reporting Crimes.

  9. Recycling

    View information about the weekly recycling pickup offered by Oak Hill.

  10. Snow Removal

    Read information about snow removal and salting of streets.