1. Animal Control & Cleanup

    See information about loose pets and cleaning up dead animals in roadways.

  2. Emergency Services

    Access contact information for local emergency services.

  3. Garbage Pickup

    View the schedule for garbage pickup and the contact information for the pickup company.

  4. Recycling Pickup

    Discover information about recycling including the pickup schedule and examples of items you can recycle.

  5. Services Offered by Local Cities

    Access the services offered by Oak Hill and other cities including Forest Hills, Belle Meade and Metro Nashville.

  6. Snow Removal & Street Salting

    See information for contacting the snow removal company.

  7. Street Repairs & Drainage Services

    View information for contacting the city about street repairs and drainage problems.

  8. Traffic Calming

    Discover information about the traffic calming program, which intends to provide a process to respond to residents' concerns about auto traffic.

  9. Tree Trimming

    See contact information for the Nashville Electric Services and information about the tree trimming services it provides.

  10. Yard Waste Pickup

    Read guidelines for yard waste pickup and pickup schedule.